Applied Catalysis B: Environment and Energy (IF= 22.1)
90. Preferential heteroatom substitution into ZnIn 2S4 nanosheets boosts photocatalytic hydrogen production
2024 24-05-09 Thu May by sealab

P. Bhavani, S. Kamalakannan, D. P. Kumar, H. Ham* , Y. Parkand W. Kim* Appl. Catal. B: Environ. Available online 8 May 2024, 124154

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89. Time-resolved spectroscopic investigation for the practical application of a photocatalytic air purifier
2024 24-04-24 Wed Apr by sealab
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Current Opinion in Electrochemistry
88. Advancing electrochemical CO2 reduction: Insights from operando Attenuated total reflectance surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy analysis
2024 24-04-23 Tue Apr by sealab
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87. Vitamin C-induced CO2 capture enables high-rate ethylene production in CO2 electroreduction
2024 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
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Applied Catalysis B: Environment and Energy (IF= 22.1)
86. Photoelectrochemical water oxidation using hematite modified with metal-incorporated graphitic carbon nitride film as a surface passivation and hole transfer overlayer
2024 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
T. H. Jeon, C. Park, U. Kang, G. Moon, W. Kim, H. Park* and W. Choi* Appl. Catal. B, 2024, 340, 123167 DOI link
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85. Trace-Level Cobalt Dopants Enhance CO2 Electroreduction and Ethylene Formation on Copper
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
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84. Spectroelectrochemical investigation of the local alkaline environment on the surface-nanostructured Au for the conversion of CO2 to CO
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
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83. Dual-Atomic-Site-Integrated Photocatalysts for Green Energy Synthesis
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
P. Bhavani, D. P. Kumar, J. S. Yoo, M. Hussain, S. Weon, W. Kim, Y. Park
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, 143429 (publication date 2023/05/09)
DOI link
Advanced Functional Materials
82. Dual-Atom-Site Sn-Cu/C3N4 Photocatalyst Selectively Produces Formaldehyde from CO2 Reduction
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
B. Kim, D. Kwon, J. Baeg, M. Austeria. P, G. H. Gu, J. H. Lee, J. Jeong, W. Kim,* and W. Choi* Adv. Funct. mater, 2023, 33, 22124 (publication date 2023/02/19) DOI link
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81. Transplanting Gold Active Sites into Non-Precious-Metal Nanoclusters for Efficient CO2-to-CO Electroreduction
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
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DOI link
Applied Surface Science (IF = 7.392)
80. A panchromatic graphite-derived-carbon-dot TiO2 photocatalyst: Broad visible light absorption via ligand-to-metal charge transfer
2023 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
Y. Park†, H. T. Bui†, Y. Sohn, C. Park, B. Kim, T. Lee, D. Kim, D. Lee, K. Cho, H. Kim, W. Kwon*, W. Kim*
†Co-first author, *Co-responding author
Appl. Surf. Sci, 2023, 611, 155636 (publication date 2022/11/10)
DOI link
ACS Energy Letters (IF = 23.991)
79. Promoting CO2-to-CO Electroreduction via the Active-Site Engineering of Atomically Precise Silver Nanoclusters
2022 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
H. Seong, M. Choi, S. Park, H. Kim, J. Kim, W. Kim*, J. Yoo*, D. Lee*
*Co-responding author
ACS Energy Lett, 2022, 7, 12, 4177–4184 (publication date 2022/10/28)
DOI link
Chemosphere (IF = 8.943)
78. Harnessing Waste Heat from Indoor lamps for Sustainable Thermocatalytic Mineralization of Acetaldehyde using Platinized TiO2
2022 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
M. Lee†, H. Yim†, B. Kim†, S. Kim, W. Choi, W. Kim*, and H. Kim*
†Co-first author *Co-responding author
Chemosphere, 2022, 136350 (publication date 2022/09/02)
DOI link
Energy & Fuels (IF = 4.654)
77. Operando Spectroscopic Observation of CO Oxidation on a Pt/TiO2 Catalyst in NO-CO Mixtures under Dark and UV Illumination
2022 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
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ACS Applied Bio Materials
76. Erosion-Driven Enamel Crystallite Growth Phenomenon at the Tooth Surface In Vitro
2022 24-01-25 Thu Jan by sealab
K. R. Cho†*, S. Jo†, B. Kim, W. Kim, J. Park, Y. Ji, Y. Kim, R. Singh, J. Lee, H. Kim* ACS Appl. Bio Mater, 2022, 5, 8, 3753–3765 (publication date 2022/08/01) DOI link